Published Articles & Lectures

Published Articles & Lectures

The First Year of Recovery

Outlines the necessary components of long-term, comfortable sobriety; presents the program mandated for recovering professionals which produces a 90-95% success rate.   Differentiates abstinence and recovery.  Looks at common mistakes made by recovering people and their families that continue to sabotage recovery.  Discusses relapse, how to predict it and how to handle it. CLICK HERE for the full article.

How to Abandon Ship:  A Manual for the Recovering FamilyCLICK HERE

Intended to help families understand what is going on in the brain of the practicing addict and the newly recovering addict, why thinking is impaired and how best to help.  Makes clear distinctions between actions that support the problem and those that support a long-lasting (as opposed to temporary) solution.  Elucidates common reasons for “enabling” and how easy it is to gravitate back to the dysfunctional cycle without being aware of it.  Provides a cheat sheet for the family member which should be laminated and kept handy.   CLICK HERE for the full article.

Intervention:  A Lifeline for Those Who Have Lost the Ability to Help Themselves

Describes the before, during and after of effectively intervening with the addict.  Underscores the big picture and contrasts it with the misconception of intervention as an event.   Differentiates between the tremendous influence a family has and the control that families are typically, and fruitlessly, aiming for.  Discusses various approaches to intervention and helps families decide which is right for them.  Looks at what the research tells us about predicting successful outcomes.  CLICK HERE for the full article.


This essay is for parents of children of all ages.  It is intended to illuminate both the son/daughter and the parent vantage points.  Understanding the reality of the other’s perspective as well as understanding the limitations that a particular developmental stage puts on a child is critical to solution.  While the context of the article is the stormy seas of adolescence and all its inherent challenges, the concepts generalize to all parents grappling with the same challenges that often continue into their kids’ adulthood.  It will shed light on what stage of development your son/daughter got stuck in, what they need to get unstuck and how to position yourself as a parent to best give them a hand out (in contrast to a handout). CLICK HERE for the full article


  • Intervention strategies (a workshop for Healthcare Professionals)
  • Intervention for Families
  • Navigating the First Year of Recovery
  • Co-dependence
  • Letting Go of the Need to Control
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Healthy Relationships for Couples
  • Recovery Principles for Parents of Troubled Teens/Young Adults

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