Women’s Process Groups

Dr. Blair facilitates two small psychoeducational groups that are ideal for women who are ready to use their challenges as a classroom – these women are committed to personal growth and to helping each other grow.  There are tears and laughs, conflict and support all shared in an environment of respect, honesty, encouragement and inspiration.  Women generally join the group because of their problems.  They stay because of the honking.

Co-dependency Process Group
This group is about taking your eyes off the other person long enough to get a good look at the state of your own inner life.  We explore the impact of over-caretaking, over-controlling and/or being overly focused on others.   We work on healthy (non-harmful to self and others) boundaries.  We explore personal histories and see how our early survival skills morphed into co-dependency.   Powerless over the behavior and choices that remain unconscious, we learn how to really see the role we play in relationships and then we practice shifting from autopilot (unconscious) to pilot (conscious) mode.  We look carefully at how to make the strengths of co-dependency work for us…..empathy, compassion and energy, aimed in the right direction, can become a beacon for the self and the family.   Once we find our “true north”, we learn how to stay awake and mindful about course-correcting our dials.

Recovery Enrichment Group  (AKA:  Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob’s Excellent Adventure)
This group is for recovering addicts and family members and is aimed at taking personal recovery and a healthy family structure to a higher level.  This group is not about abstinence.  It is about navigating through the steps in order to build a life that makes abstinence worthwhile.  It is the 12 steps merging with Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, the Dali Lama, Jesus of Nazareth, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Dr. Seuss, Melody Beattie, Gandhi, Winnie the Pooh, Einstein and Tony Robbins.  If you are just beginning the journey, if you find yourself struggling with relapses or if you are just looking to put vitality into your existing program, this group has much to offer.

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